Building Support

Building Support

The College of Engineering (CoE) 11 buildings across the main and depot campuses with approximately 300,000 square feet of space. ETS, with departmental/centers staff, supports building planning, maintenance, research and teaching space needs. We coordinate with Surplus, Facilities Operations, University Planning, Design and Construction, Environmental Health and Safety and Public Safety. Our goal is to ensure everyone in CoE is in a fully working and safe environment.

Facilities Operations

Facilities Operations manages and maintains all CoE buildings. To submit a work order, visit their website or call (860) 486-3113.

Tiger Team

The ETS Tiger Team is a specialized group of students who assist with the management of the College of Engineering’s faculty and staff offices, classrooms, and research spaces. This free service includes moves, surplus runs, space management, and TV mounting. The team does not paint, work in hazardous conditions, or do chemical removals; these tasks are performed by EH&S or FacOps. Our team is available part-time during the fall and spring semesters and full-time during summer and winter breaks. To take advantage of this service, submit a Tiger Team work request form. Please have a designated person on-site to provide guidance and ensure the task is performed to your specifications.

Building & Emergency Contacts

Building & Emergency Contacts (BEC) serve as the official building contacts for each department, and include Facilities Operations, Police, Fire, Environmental Health and Safety, Locksmith Services, Academic Renovations, Information Technology Services, Architectural and Engineering Services. Each department in a building will have one Primary and at least one Secondary contact designated by a dean, director or department head.

BEC Admins: Building & Emergency Contacts

Additional Building Resources