Graduate Student Machine Shop Access

The School of Engineering Machine shop offers academic support to all SoE departments and research groups. On average, completion of over eight projects per month, range from one-day projects to multiple week-long design and build requests. During the fall semester the shop staff trains senior design students to help them develop their project ideas and provide hands on experience in a fabricating environment. Come the spring semester, they work with over thirty senior design teams to guide them through fabrication of their final product. The shop staff also provides service for existing lab equipment, including repair or modification to design and fabrication of custom apparatus used in research. All needs and requests are met with professionalism and completely in a timely manner.

Research is a year round activity except for April and early May for SOE Senior Design work. The two shop personnel balance their work load to ensure all projects are completed in an agreed upon time frame. In an effort to improve the project complete time frame, it’s possible your graduate students have the necessary skills to support your research work within the machine shop.

This form is for the machine shop staff to collect information about the project and graduate students current skill set in the shop. After submitting the form the student will be required to interview with shop personnel. Students will then be ranked on their abilities to operate specific shop equipment. Each shop area will be ranked independently and the result will determine the level of training needed to gain access to shop equipment.

Ranking will be on a 1-5 scale with 1 being no past experience and 5 being fully qualified to use the specified equipment.

  • Ranks 1 – 2 will require more training than is currently available in the shop.
    • At this time, we cannot provide training in this area.
  • Ranking 3 – 4 will require some form of training in the shop.
    • The shop personnel will work 1-on-1 with the student.
    • These students will prove skill improvements under the supervision of shop staff.
  • Level 5 ranking will be clear to operate equipment requested.

Please download and complete the following form to request Machine Shop access. Email completed forms to Peter at