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Welcome To School Of Engineering

Welcome to the School of Engineering! This page is designed to help you get started. If you have any other question that is not answered here or you cannot find on our website, please reach out to our help desk.


What computer should I buy?

See our student computer recommendations.

All engineering software is available in the Engineering Computer Labs and online through AnyWare.

The School of Engineering provides faculty and graduate students conducting faculty research with UConn-owned computers. Recommended HuskyPC configurations can be found using the Dell PunchOut in Kuali.

How do I check my UConn email?

Every member of the university is provided with a first.last@uconn.edu email address. See the univerirsity's email page for instructions.

Can I get texts/emails for classes cancellations and other safety-related alerts?

Faculty and staff can receive text and email alerts by submitting this registration form. Students will get alerts through the contact information you provide in StudentAdmin. See alert.uconn.edu for more information. 

Where can I find IT support?

The Engineering Help Desk is available to help with all your technical needs. Departmental staff are also available for hands-on support.

What tools are available for remote work?

For a list of services available, including remote access, visit our Services page.

Does UConn provide any software for its members?

Yes. See the UConn Software Catalog for a list of available software.

Where can I print on campus?

The Engineering Learning Centers and many departmental computer labs offer printing for free or low cost.

All engineering students receive 50 free pages at the beginning of each semester. You can add more or check your balance by visiting the SoE Help Desk or departmental offices.

Can I print posters?

Yes. Printing posters for academic purposes can be done at the help desk. Capabilities and instructions can be found on our Poster Printing page.

Who do I contact for maintenance on campus?

For emergency maintanance, call 860-486-3113 or 860-486-3114. For non-emergency, submit a facilities request.

Does the School of Engineering have vehicles available?

Yes. The School of Engineering has two trucks and a trailer. See the Vehicles page for more details.

How can I get specialized equipment or advice for a project?

The Engineering Technical Services Machine Shop and Electronics Shop have specialists on staff and a wide range of equipment available. See the shop pages for details.

Can I get help with my classes?

Yes. The Engineering Tutoring Center has peer tutors to help with a variety of courses.

How can I learn about diversity and inclusion in the School of Engineering?

Where can I find out about student organizations?

You can check out the student involvement fair at the beginning of the semester, or check out a full list of student clubs at UConn here.