SSH Tunneling

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You want to connect to your server on campus using any SFTP client but you can't do it without VPN.


Use a SSH tunnel by connecting to UCONN SSH Gateway ( creating a tunnel to your server.

This can be done in two steps:

1- Create the tunnel

2- Use your favorite SFTP client (FileZilla or WinSCP) to connect to your server through the tunnel:

host: localhost

port: Whichever port you choose (in this tutorial we chose 2222 as an example)

username: the username on your server

password: your password

SSH Tunneling in Windows:

SSH Tunneling in Linux:

1- Create the tunnel using this command:

ssh -L 2222:[your server ip address]:22 [netid]
2- Connect to your server using your favorite SFTP client or using SCP command but instead of using your server's IP address use "localhost" and port number "2222".