Red Hat Satellite

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Red Hat Satellite

Satellite is a centralized system for managing Red Hat servers and workstations. It provides repositories for yum, automated patching, configuration management, and monitoring. It is similar to System Center Configuration Manager for Microsoft Windows.

ITS has dedicated staff for managing satellite services to ensure all university Linux systems are patched and secure. They also make software available for our faculty, staff, and students.

As a school within the university, it is our responsibility to conform to the standards and procedures set by ITS. It also benefits us to do so because it ensures secure networks for our servers and provides services that we can leverage.


To work the Satellite server needs access to your server.  The ETS help desk can do this for you but for those savvy with Linux, the following steps are

  1. Create the file /root/.ssh/authorized_keys and add the text of the public key below.
  2. Set permissions as:
/root/.ssh 700
/root/.ssh/authorized_keys 600

Public Key

Copy everything below as one line

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQCpRYy6HikI5gcuSiU3SewPYOp4ic+auF529K+YaBiqAYumwouVrC5+qAVUevHBrRQ2mbrOZIWZJLRuAOKAuyo/SBphhJLpYmARGJEW0KbF4+FpDw7xYv0QuTQIO1Vy8vJVK4pHMsNuS3MOQPRbAyX5VHUycHiSpA7DoinFdzRtBSqWm09D4hl5sd75usBD1SU5vjl3PLbikQtUbbjOhwBl5oGXoQwvH8iMiAeeG0gQHHN1sUOe9eJkXPhXTLcvjAgsvhHkeH+iWk8TDhgzW+QCuXqGTvqniUm37WPszCrSSiZdmqOCNVQxpciCBnyF9u5bEqMFLxVPCXDHlnyh4T