Infocus 65″ Touch Screen TV’s with Big Note Software Draft

Infocus J-touch TV


  • 65″ Touch Screen TV

  • Content is interactive, bright and crisp in any light
  • Run all your apps, even the older ones, with touch
  • Accurate and responsive touch overlay with multi-touch capability
  • Create and share on an interactive whiteboard
  • No calibration required
  • Connect your own device

Infocus Big Note Software Icon:



  • Whiteboard Mode: The whiteboard mode allows your team to collaborate, brainstorm, share and save their ideas, graphs, and workflows
  • The BigNote Launcher: From the BigNote Launcher, you can quickly create a snapshot, annotate in Glass mode, or use Whiteboard mode.
  • Glass Mode: Glass mode allows your team to annotate documents, images, and PC screen images, and then easily share their notes and ideas with others


  • E2 rm 202
  • ITE C19, C23, C30, C33, C43





Big Note User Manual