FaQ’s (outline)

  1. Visit OPEN LAB SITE (NYC –Rockefeller Univ. or Boston – Northwest Science Building, Harvard) with these questions.
    1. See what they have and how it looks. Take pictures
    2. General Day to day operational needs
    3. Floor Co-op membership, function and purpose
      1. Ask what works well
      2. Ask what does not work well
      3. Ask what could be improved
    4. Tech qualifications, function and purpose
    5. Haz-Gas handling and costs
      1. Gas cost is covered by projects, there is invariably a user that uses more than others, training is required for students who will need to handle bottles and connect them safely.
    6. Scheduling shared equipment
      1. can use online scheduler
    7. Conference room scheduling
    8. Where do grad do research studies?
      1. C2E2 it’s done in shared (for temp students) or permanent (for resident students) office space
    9. Emergency event management?
      1. The building emergency plan is required by NFPA 45 (because it is designated lab space) and will include ALL those details
    10. Theft
      1. Uncommon, when access to the space is controlled, i.e. cardkey.
    11. Others
  2. Money Flow – Initial costs and 70% faculty setup. 30% new incoming people need a top down process to capture new incoming monetary for their new equipment and sustainability of current and new equipment. All equipment should be at the best price and have a solid service and support structure.
  3. Walking back and forth to support training and hands on? How to smooth this out? We need to find a way to present this.
  4. Cameras connected to the Police department and to researchers.   Ensure no one is working alone.
    1. see University working alone worksheet and policy :
    2. http://policy.uconn.edu/2012/07/30/working-alone-policy/  
    3. http://www.ehs.uconn.edu/ppp/Working%20Alone%20Hazard%20Worksheet-Flowchart.pdf
  5. Video conferencing and desktop Skype. This is a tool that can bridge the distance gap between faculty and grads.
  6. Graphical office layout/3D of modules/spaces for web.
    1. Need to protect from public access (terrorist activities active shooter etc…)
  7. Open lab concept is the new way of research collaboration. Describe success stories.
    1. C2E2 and others
  8. How do I know my experiment is not going to be touched or shut down.
    1. See attached sheet (Operating Schedule)
    2. Rules need to be set such as:
      1. any equipment left running without an operating schedule can be secured by anyone
      2. operating schedules are required so a point of contact is available and an end date is known.
  9. FOM – software to schedule and allow access to equipment.
  10. Rest and food areas.
    1. Full length pants and closed toed shoes required in labs at all times.
    2. No food or drink allowed in laboratories at any time.
  11. Non-lab research study areas and other locations.
  12. Theft and misbehavior