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The School of Engineering Electronics Shop assists, faculty, staff and students with their problems encountered in research, student projects, and ongoing work.


Technical Consultation

We provide technical consultation in the solution of problems related to new experiments and to the fabrication of any apparatus or instrumentation that will be used for the experiments. In particular, for a new experiment or construction, technical consultation should begin before the purchase of any equipment or parts that will be used in its implementation. Many times, the choice of parts or equipment determines the success of the project. We have extensive experience in vendor selection and in purchasing components. Also, we have many used and free parts that may be employed in the experimental apparatus.

Electronic Design and Development

We assist in electronic design and development of new electronic circuits, new instruments or interfaces to existing equipment. Included are:

  • conceptual refinement
  • electronic circuit and system design
  • printed circuit layout
  • population and construction of instruments or apparatus (including necessary software and mechanical fabrication)
  • debugging and testing of designed systems

Testing and Repair

We also repair, test and calibrate existing analytical and electronic instrumentation, including ancillary systems used in the instrumentation, such as vacuum, mechanical and rotational systems, and thermal heating systems. These systems can consist of any of the above ancillary system utilizing analog, digital, RF, and microprocessor-controlled electronic circuit boards, with thru-hole and surface mount technologies.

Sensing and Measurement Instrument Design

We have extensive experience and capabilities in the design of low-noise sensing and measurement instrumentation, computer instrument interfacing, and control system actuators. We draw upon this experience both in designing and in supporting the design of many computer controlled experiments and data acquisition systems.

Sample Work

Following is a short list of equipment that we have repaired, interfaced with or modified at the request of a researcher:

All and any electronic measurement equipment, including but not limited to: multimeter, function generators, oscilloscopes, wave meters, watt meters, LCR bridges, lasers and high power pulsed lasers, photometers, transmitters, receivers, and audio equipment.

Analytical Instruments: electron microscopes (SEM, TEM), gas chromatography, surface analyzers, sputtering systems, mass spectrometers, spectrometers, pH-meters, x-ray diffractometers, vacuum evaporators, vacuum pump stations, vacuum leak detectors, laser systems, controllers, motor controllers temperature controllers, high temperature ovens (elevator ovens), and etc.


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John Fikiet, Instrumentation & Computing Engineer

Castleman Building, Room 126, Unit 3037